The Preservery Captures the Flavor and Energy of the New West​​ September 08, 2016

I find myself looking around Denver — a city I’ve called home for more than a decade — with a visitor’s eyes. What are the restaurants I’d seek out if I had only a few days here? Which chefs sum up the energy of this incredible town of ours, flush with millennials and entrepreneurs and the headiness of the New West? What spots are most likely to sweep me off my feet with their sheer sense of localness, the ones that are so much a product of time and place that they’d feel like an imposter anywhere else?Of the 150-plus eateries that opened since I put down my critic’s fork at the end of last year — not to mention the thousands of established kitchens that feed us on a nightly basis — the restaurant that best fills in these blanks is The Preservery.

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